Paor Tsann Enterprise was established in 1982, initially concentrated and built its fame on the development of traveling and heavy-weight luggage cart. Major product lines include steel tubes, steel wires, metal sheets, scaffolding and furniture products in combination with wood, plastic and aluminum materials. By taking our quality policy very seriously, we have gotten acclaim from the clients worldwide.

Based on our principles of honor, quality, creativity, and responsibility, we are devoted to improving the technology innovation, quality control and enthusiasm service. We have earned many honors: recognized as 5S Excellent Supplier by Ministry of Economic Affairs, obtained ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO28000 and TAF Accreditation, CNS Mark. Therefore, we have more competitive ability to develop more high quality products.

Poar Tsann has good management philosophy and system - executing strictly ISO quality management with our large production plant, R&D team, high technical production equipments, technical examining system, smooth packaging line and sewage treatment system which complies with the regulation. To realize our quality policy "Quality First," all the production processes, including incoming materials, manufacturing process, quality inspecting, packaging and delivery are strictly controlled. We combine the professional knowledges with market sensing to extend our business and show our strength. Besides, we care about our employees’ welfares very much. With our complete management system, we push forward the development of our business, creating a brilliant future and become a leading role in the world.